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About Us:

Second Life Sneakers is a sneaker repair shop based in Corinth, Texas that offers restoration and cleaning services to both local and remote customers. We recently moved from Hattiesburg, Mississippi (old location shown in the picture). Instructions for local and remote inquiries are located below. Service prices and example photos can be seen at the bottom of the page. Please note that our service price list is meant to be a guideline, and quoted prices may vary slightly depending on the amount of work needed to finish the job.



Local Services:

For Corinth/Denton residents interested in a service, please contact us through email or Instagram. You can mail us your shoes if needed, or we can arrange a drop-off time and location. We accept payment in cash or through Paypal, Venmo, or Cash App.


Remote Services:

For remote customers interested in a service, the process is as follows:

  1. Send us a DM or email with pictures of the shoes and a description of the work you want done.
  2. We respond with a quote for the service. If you agree to the cost, you will then box your shoes up, make a label, and send them to us. Please note that the buyer pays for shipping both ways, and that this cost is not included in the quote.
  3. We notify you when the shoes are received, and send you a timeline of when to expect the work to be done.
  4. We will do the repair work and send photos of the shoes when completed. We will then box the shoes and create a label. Before the label is purchased, we will show you the cost. Once you approve the photos and label, you will pay the cost of the job and label via Paypal, Venmo, or Cash App.
  5. We send the shoes back to you with a tracking number provided. If you are happy with the end result, please share our work on Instagram and tag us!



Service Prices:


Any pair can be saved with a caring hand!


Basic Clean: $25 - Quick cleaning of the entire outsides of the shoes. Removes staining, dirt, and minor scuffs.


Deep Clean: $40 - Thorough cleaning of the outside of the shoes, as well as the laces and insoles. Complimentary shoe trees given to help prevent/reduce creasing and extend the life of the shoes.


Basic Reglue: $35 - Quick fix on an unglued part of a sole or mild sole separation.


Full Reglue (No Stitching): $75 - Removal of old glue and re-gluing of entire soles. This price is for pairs that do not require any re-stitching (ex: Jordan 11, Foamposite, Blazers).


Full Reglue + Re-Stitching: $125 - Removal of old glue and re-gluing of entire soles. This price is for pairs that require re-stitching around the midsoles (ex: AF1, Dunks, Jordan 1).


De-Oxidization: $30 - Complete removal of yellowing of old midsoles/outsoles. Extended exposure to concentrated lighting is required in the process, and each side of each shoe must be exposed to several hours of light to ensure full removal of oxidation.


Full Sole Swap: $125 - Complete swap of new outsoles/midsoles onto the shoes. Donor pair can be provided by the customer, or ordered in for a fee. Turnaround time varies, as this is a very involved process. Please be patient if requiring this service.


Service Examples


Basic Cleaning  Deep Cleaning De-Oxidization


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